Chris nunez dating

Nicoletta Robinson sued judges Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez, claiming the two tattoo artists harassed her with graphic and lewd sex talk and physically touched her in the 11 days she says she worked on the show.Chris Adam Núñez was born on April 11, 1973, in Miami, Florida, USA.The lawsuit demanding unspecified damages described how Chris once asked if she was pregnant just because she was sick, and how on another occasion he explicitly described how his dog ate his wife's dirty underwear.judges who were sued for sexually harassing a woman who worked on the production of their show are nearing a settlement in the case, Radar has exclusively learned.His height is 5 feet 9 inches tall, and he also has a nicely toned up body.

Chris is currently dating his girlfriend, Margarita Anthony. It premiered in 2012, and it features competitions where tattoo artists attempt a variety of challenges and are judged on their efforts.The show runs for a season, with contestants eliminated each week.He is of Cuban ancestry, and his parent migrated to the USA before he was born. His father died when he was still a boy, and he was living with his French mother. Nunez is a multi-lingual person who can speak French, Spanish, English as well as Portuguese fluently.A widely traveled man, he lived his early life traveling around Brazil, Ecuador, Germany, and France.

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