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Prominent landmarks—Victoria Memorial, Royal Calcutta Race Course, Horticultural Gardens, National Library, Eden Gardens and the Alipore Zoological Gardens—are all within walking distance.It is the luxury hotel closest to government offices and most consulates.When Ruth’s Chocolate Crunch Cookie recipe was featured on an episode of radio program, the popularity of the humble chocolate chip cookie exploded and the cookie soon became a favorite all across America.The popularity of the cookie further increased after Ruth published the still popular, , featuring the “Toll House Chocolate Crunch Cookie”, in 1936.Due to the enormous popularity of the cookie recipe, sales of Nestlé semi-sweet chocolate skyrocketed and Andrew Nestlé and the Wakefields struck a deal.In exchange for a lifetime supply of free chocolate, Nestlé printed Ruth’s recipe, by this stage called “Mrs.Spectacular venues make the hotel the preferred choice for business meetings, social events and weddings.

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Designed by legendary architect Bob Fox, the architecture and interiors of the hotel are deeply inspired by the city’s famed art, culture and heritage.

Ruth had expected the chocolate to melt and disperse through the cookie dough as regular baking chocolate would.

Instead, the chocolate pieces retained their individual form, softening to a moist, gooey melt, and the world had its first known chocolate chip cookie.

All around, grandeur meets understated elegance—you are awed by the lavish five-storied stone and marble atrium, bathed in glorious gold light each afternoon.

Genuine antiques, priceless art, and traditional accents and colours are impeccably woven together with contemporary style and modern amenities.

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